Results from June 22nd - Weekly Racing Series

Burnside KY (June 22nd, 2018) - After last week's Friday Night Special, Lake Cumberland Speedway Summer Sizzler Series was back in action Saturday, June 23rd, with the McGowan Excavating Super Late Models, Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheel Modifieds, Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stocks, Somerset Machine Shop KDRA Mini Stocks and Mini Cup Cyclones.

In the McGowan Excavating Super Late Models, Cameron Marlar(57m) of Winfield, TN would pick up the win, passing Tommy Bailey(11b) of Corbin, KY on lap 2 and leading the final 23 laps. It was Marlar's 1st ever Late Model Feature Win at LCS.

Ricky Arms(4r) of Glasgow, KY would make it back-to-back Feature wins in the Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheel Modifieds, leading all 20 laps.

Hazard, KY's Daniel Stamper(62) would lead all 15 laps of the Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stock Feature. It was his 5th KDRA Super Stock Feature win at Lake Cumberland Speedway in 2018.

Somerset Machine Shop KDRA Mini Stock feature had some drama, as Brandon Creech(723) of Waco, KY and Shane Irvin(92x) of Liberty, KY were putting on a battle for the lead for the 1st 6 laps of the 12 lap feature. Irvin(92x) took over the lead on lap 6 after Creech had to retire with engine troubles. Irvin would lead the final 6 laps to pick up victory number 5 of 2018 at Lake Cumberland Speedway.

Jason Hinkle, Sr of Danville, KY would pick up the 8 lap Mini Cup Cyclone Feature Win. It was his 1st feature win of 2018.

Full results from Saturday, June 23rd 2018

Fast Qualifier- 11b Tommy Bailey Corbin, KY 13.23

Late Model Heat 1
(1)11b Tommy Bailey (2)57m Cameron Marlar (3)3d Jake Henry (4)17 Steve Stollings (5)44 Tim Taylor (6)28 Gary Yeager
Late Model Heat 2
(1)3 Steve Elliot (2)21 Rod Carter, Jr (3)t92 Ricky Tinch (4)11d Daniel Dial (5)11w Jeff Watson (6)11m Charles McDonald

McGowan Excavating Super Late Model Feature
(1)57m Cameron Marlar- 1st ever Late Model Feature Win at Lake Cumberland Speedway (2)Bailey (3)Henry (4)Watson (5)Carter, Jr (6)Stollings (7)Dial (8)Taylor (9)Yeager (10)Elliot (11)Tinch (12)McDonald

Fast Qualifier- 155 Peyton Harlow Glasgow, KY 14.61

Open Wheel Heat 1
(1)4w Wayne James (2)51 Donnie Beard (3)50 Amos Bunch (4)11 Jeff Watson (5)26 Joseph Husband (6)69 Tim Patrick (7)4s Shane Irvin (8)155 Peyton Harlow
Open Wheel Heat 2
(1)4r Ricky Arms (2)82 Wade Rookard (3)48d Keith Denney (4)22 Shawn Hibbard (5)10x Billy Uptergraff (6)13p Sarah Patrick (7)5x Jamey Neat

Roar & Sons Transport Open Wheel Modified Feature
(1)4r Ricky Arms Glasgow, KY (2)Rookard (3)Denney (4)Beard (5)Husband (6)Tim Patrick (7)Irvin (8)Uptergraff (9)Bunch (10)Sarah Patrick (11)Watson (12)James (13)Hibbard (14)Harlow (15)Neat

Fast Qualifier- 62 Daniel Stamper Hazard, KY 15.51

KDRA Super Stock Heat 1
(1)62 Daniel Stamper (2)460 Robby Perkins (3)L2 Mike Lunsford (4)8 Robert Stanton (5)0 Kyle Parker (6)8t Tommy Helm

KDRA Super Stock Heat 2
(1)7b Bryson Patton (2)22 Doyle Hibbard (3)35 Jason West (4)10 Jerry Brandenburg (5)k9 Scott Hensley (6)14 Matt Foley-DNS

Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stock Feature
(1)62 Daniel Stamper Hazard, KY-5th win of 2018 (2)Patton (3)Perkins (4)West (5)Lunsford (6)Hibbard (7)Brandenburg (8)Parker (9)Foley (10)Stanton (11)Helm (12)Hensley

Fast Qualifier- 92x Shane Irvin Liberty, KY 16.92

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 1
(1)92x Shane Irvin (2)292 Robert Houchens (3)328 Hargis (4)71 Wayne Abner (5)10w Mark Wesley (6)90 James Nollie (7)8 Danny Winchester (8)25 Mike Noe-DNS

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 2
(1)723 Brandon Creech (2)28 David Owen (3)215 Mike Wallace (4)80 Chris Smith (5)4 Tony Breeden (6)58 Luke Gregory (7)29 Byron Swain (8)10m Brayden McWilliams

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 3
(1)19j John McCloud (2)19b Chris Burton (3)16 GT Embry (4)31 Jesse Parker (5)43 Pam Deary (6)8h Mike Hill-DNS (7)53 Freddy Breeden-DNS

Somerset Machine Shop KDRA Mini Stock Feature
(1)92x Shane Irvin Liberty, KY- 5th win of 2018 (2)McCloud (3)Wallace (4)Owens (5)Smith (6)Houchens (7)Hargis (8)Parker (9)Gregory (10)Pam Deary (11)Tony Breeden (12)Swain (13)Abner (14)Creech (15)Freddy Breeden (16)Embry (17)Wesley (18)Hill (19)Nollie (20)Winchester (21)Burton (22)McWilliams-DNS (23)Noe-DNS

Mini Cup Cyclone Heat
(1)H3sr Jason Hinkle (2)3d Brylinn Ritchie (3)t6 Trevor Thompson (4)H3jr Jason Hinkle, jr

Mini Cup Cyclone Feature
(1)H3sr Jason Hinkle- 1st Feature win of 2018 (2)3d Brylinn Ritchie (3)t6 Trevor Thompson (4)H3jr Jason Hinkle, jr

The Shaeffer's Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series invades Lake Cumberland Speedway Saturday, June 30th for the Finn Watson Memorial! $3,000 to win for Super Late Models and $1,000 to win for the Brucebilt Iron-Man Modified Series. KDRA Super Stocks, KDRA Mini Stocks & Mini Cup Cyclones.

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