Results from June 9th - Summertime Sizzler

Burnside KY (June 9th, 2018) - Saturday Night, June 9th saw the Lake Cumberland Speedway Summer Sizzler Series back in action. First and foremost, THANK YOU fans, drivers and crews for supporting Lake Cumberland Speedway! Without you being there each and every week there would be no LCS! Another packed grandstands saw the McGowan Excavating Super Late Models run for $1,500 to WIN, Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheel Modifieds $800 to WIN, Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stocks $600 to WIN and the Somerset Machine KDRA Mini Stocks run for $400 to WIN. More money was added to each class this week thanks to Mindscape Somerset. The track was in phenomenal shape, with 2-3 grooves of racing all night long.
Here are the results from Saturday, June 9th 2018

McGowan Excavating Super Late Models (11)
Fast Qualifier – 13w David Webb 14.39

Late Model Heat 1
(1)13w David Webb (2)21 Rod Carter, Jr (3)17 Steve Stallings (4)3 Steve Elliot (5)44 Tim Taylor (6)69 Tim Patrick

Late Model Heat 2
(1)35 Todd Coffman (2)96 Tanner English (3)47 Bubba Gibson lll (4)49 Carson Freeman (5)20 Brian Phillips, Jr

McGowan Excavating Super Late Model Feature
(1)96 Tanner English (2)Webb (3)Carter, JR (4)Stallings (5)Freeman (6)Coffman (7)Taylor (8)Elliot (9)Bibson lll (10)Patrick (11)Phillips, Jr

Raork & Sons Transport Open Wheel Modifieds (17)
Fast Qualifier – 155 Peyton Harlow 15.65

Open Wheel Heat 1
(1)82 Wade Rookard (2)155 Peyton Harlow (3)67 Chad Weiner (4)22 Shawn Hibbard (5)17 Josh Brock (6)51 Donnie Beard (7)4 Ricky Arms (8)44 Tommy Gregory (9)5x Jamey Neat

Open Wheel Heat 2
(1)68 Jimmy Payne (2)Blake Brown (3)509 Kevin Copher (4)48d Keith Denney (5)43 Ben Petrey (6)69 Sarah Patrick (7)10x Billy Uptergraff (8)2 Keith Decker

Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheel Modified Feature
(1)99 Blake Brown (2)Payne (3)Denney (4)Rookard (5)Petrey (6)Uptergraff (7)Patrick (8)Hibbard (9)Harlow (10)Copher (11)Brock (12)Beard (13)Neat (14)Gregory (15)Weiner (16)Arms (17)Decker

Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stocks (13)
Fast Qualifier – 24s Trae Soper

KDRA Super Stock Heat 1
(1)24s Trae Soper (2)17 Josh Brock (3)22 Doyle Hibbard (4)10 Jerry Brandenburg (5)8 Robert Stanton (6)t8 Tommy helm (7)67 Michael Hatton

KDRA Super Stock Heat 2
(1)62 Daniel Stamper (2)G1 Jerry “Rooster” Gibson, Jr (3)74 Randy Jones (4)0 Kyle Parker (5)14 Matt Foley (6)2 Stan Freeman

Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stock Feature
(1)62 Daniel Stamper (2)Gibson, Jr (3)Brandenburg (4)Hibbard (5)Parker (6)Freeman (7)Soper (8)Stanton (9)Brock (10)Jones (11)Foley (12)Helm (13)Hatton

Somerset Machine Shop KDRA Mini Stocks (19)
Fast Qualifier – 24 James Ramey

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 1
(1)24 James Ramey (2)215 Mike Wallace (3)131 Jesse Parker (4)17 Ronnie Romines (5)19 Chris Burton (6)10w Mark Wesley (7)28 David Owens

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 2
(1)92x Shane Irvin (2)117 Dewayne Smith (3)9k Kevin Sexton (4)321 Jake Duncan (5)47 Brayden McWilliams (6)4 Anthony Breeden

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 3
(1)6 Zac Karr (2)12 Dustin Stephens (3)80 Chris Smith (4)328 Matt Hargis (5)43 Robert Deary (6)10wll Josh Wesley

Somerset Machine Shop KDRA Mini Stock Feature
(1)24 James Ramey (2)Irvin (3)Wallace (4)Dewayne Smith (5)Stephens (6)Parker (7)Chris Smith (8) Romines (9)Sexton (10)Duncan (11)Hargis (12)Mark Wesley (13)Deary (14)Josh Wesley (15)Karr (16)Breeden (17)McWilliams (18)Burton (19)Owens

Lake Cumberland Speedway will be back in action with a FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL, June 15th! The Southern Nationals Bonus Series and Southern Nationals Iron Man Championship Series invade Lake Cumberland Speedway for the Johnny Wheeler Memorial! Super Late Models will be racing 31 laps for $4,031 to win, in honor of the late Johnny Wheeler, a former Lake Cumberland Speedway track champion, who drove to 31x Super Late Model.

The Roark and Sons Transport has added $300 to the Open Wheel Modifieds, they will now be racing for $1,131 to win. The Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stocks will run for $631 to win. The Somerset Machine Shop KDRA Mini Stocks will be running for $431 to win. Grandstand admission is $23 12-under free, Pits $35. Gates open 3pm, Hotlaps 7pm. For full schedule of events visit Like us on Facbook – Lake Cumberland Speedway Dirt Racing, follow us on Twitter- @lc_speedway, Instagram- LCSpeedway. Get up-to-the-minute updates sent directly to your phone, TEXT @lcspeed to 81010. Media contact for Lake Cumberland Speedway- Brian Abner. Facebook- Brian W Abner Twitter- @brianabner