Results from June 2nd - Mini Stock Madness & Super Stock Showdown

Burnside KY (June 2nd, 2018) - It was an emotional Saturday night for Lake Cumberland Speedway fans, drivers and staff as we said farewell to “The Wheelman” Johnny Wheeler. Wheeler, a former track champion and long time racing veteran, passed away early Tuesday morning. A memorial was set up in the parking spot the Wheeler team used each Saturday night. Fans brought shirts, hats, pictures, signs and other items for the memorial. Pre-race ceremonies included a tribute song from Billy Roberts, driver of the #117 Late Model and balloon release in honor of Wheeler. Jammie Wheeler and the rest of Wheeler's all-female race crew were in attendance for the tribute. For pictures and videos of the ceremonies and tribute, go to the Lake Cumberland Speedway Dirt Racing page on Facebook

After 3 weeks+ of no racing, Lake Cumberland Speedway roared back to life with a vengeance! Over 100 cars and the 2nd largest crowd in track history were on hand for a phenomenal night of celebration and racing! We say THANK YOU for supporting Lake Cumberland Speedway!

MINI STOCK MADNESS $1,000 to WIN presented by Quality Homes of London- (40)
Fast Qualifier- 6 Zac Karr 16.63(NEW KDRA Mini Stock Track Record)

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 1 - Top 4 Transfer
(1)6 Zac Karr (2)10 Michael Rittenberry(3)43 Ronnie Skaggs (4)19 Charles Burton (5)11 Mike Dalton (6)1 Charles Burton (7)10w Mark Wesley (8)321 Jake Duncan (9)328 Matt Hargis (10)w6 Kevin Wallace

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 2 - Top 4 Transfer
(1)23 Brian Roberts (2)215 Mike Wallace (3)81 David Lucas (4)131 Dustin Lawson (5)9k Kevin Sexton (6)12 Jericho Stephens (7)29 Racer X (8)52 Wayne Hewitt (9)1* Greg Hensley (10)43 Pam Deary

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 3 - Top 4 Transfer
(1)c9 Eddie Stewart (2)7x Dylan Stevens (3)31 Jesse Parker (4)117 Dewayne Smith (5)777 Dwayne Schluter (6)80 Chris Smith (7)17 Ronnie Romines (8)10w Mark Wesley (9)47 Joseph Miller (10)23 Justin Bolton

KDRA Mini Stock Heat 4 - Top 4 Transfer
(1)92x Shane Irvin (2)23d Justin Dalton (3)24d Doodle Farris (4)292 Robert Houchens (5)48 Lee Jackson (6)4 Anthony Breeden (7)53 Robert Deary (8)58 Luke Gregory (9)01 Danny Winchester (10)28 David Owens

KDRA Mini Stock B-Main 1- Top 3 
(1)11 Mike Dalton (2)1* Greg Hensley (3)9k Kevin Sexton

KDRA Mini Stock B-Main 2- Top 3 
(1)777 Dwayne Schluter (2)48 Lee Jackson (3)17 Ronnie Romines

MINI STOCK MADNESS presented by Quality Homes of London A-MAIN
(1)6 Zac Karr Corbin, KY (2)Roberts (3)Irvin (4)Stewart (5)Rittenberry (6)Farris (7)Lucas (8)Romines (9)Lawson (10)Schluter (11)D Smith (12)Skaggs (13)Wallace (14)Houchens (15) Chris Burton (16)Sexton (17)Dalton (18)Parker (19)Hensley (20)Jackson (21)Dylan Stephens (22) Justin Dalton

Fast Qualifier- 21 Rod Carter,Jr 13.12

McGowan Excavating Super Late Models Heat 1
(1)21 Rod Carter, Jr (2)11 Jeff Watson (3)44 Tim Taylor (4)17 Steve Stallings (5)117 Jimmy Smith (6)31 Kenny Cobble (7)15 Austin Taylor (8)20 Brian Phillips, Jr

McGowan Excavating Super Late Models Heat 2
(1)99 Danny McGlothlin (2)57m Camaron Marlar (3)b30 Buzz Williams (4)5 Timmy Taylor (5)1c Dustin Bradshaw (6)69 Tim Patrick (7)11 Joey Notchie (8)Derick Meadors

McGowan Excavating Super Late Model A-MAIN
(1)21 Rod Carter, JR Woodbine, KY (2)Watson (3)Marlar (4)Stallings (5)Williams (6)44 Tim Taylor (7)McGlothlin (8)Notchie (9)Patrick (10)Phillips, Jr (11)5 Timmy Taylor (12)15 Austin Taylor (13)Cobble (14)Jimmy Smith (15)Bradshaw (16)Meadors

Fast Qualifier- 155 Peyton Harlow 14.61

Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheels Heat 1
(1)155 Peyton Harlow (2)82 Wade Rookard (3)14 Sam Murphy, Sr (4)51 Donnie Beard (5)43 Ben Petrey (6)26 Joseph Husband (7)44 Kyle Cochran (8)5x Jamey Neat

Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheels Heat 2
(1)99 Blake Brown (2)11 Jeff Watson (3) Kelly Riggs (4)509 Kevin Copher (5)22 Shawn Hibbard (6)2 Matt Stacey (7)2 Keith Decker (8)4 Adam Taylor

Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheels Heat 3
(1)68 Jimmy Payne (2)39 Darin Scott Obenchein (3)44 Tommy Gregory (4)48 Keith Denney (5)10x Billy Uptergraff (6)329 TJ Dalton (7)69 Sarah Patrick

Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheel A-Main
(1)99 Blake Brown Corbin, KY (2)Rookard (3)Harlow (4)Payne (5)Watson (6)Gregory (7)Copher (8)Obenchein (9)Hibbard (10)Riggs (11)Petrey (12)Husband (13)Denney (14)Uptergraff (15)Murphy,Sr (16)Beard (17)Dalton (18)Stacey (19)Cochran (20) S Patrick

Fast Qualifier – 119 Eddie Stewart Manchester, KY 15.38

KDRA Super Stocks Heat 1
(1)119 Eddie Stewart (2)74 Randy Jones (3)11 Jimmy Bailey (4)0 Kyle Parker (5)8t Tommy Helm (6)33 Wade Daniels

KDRA Super Stocks Heat 2
(1)37h Greg Hensley (2)5g Anthony Goode (3)22 Doyle Hibbard (4)L2 Mike Lunsford (5)8 Robert Stanton (6)14 Matt Foley

KDRA Super Stocks $800 to WIN Presented by American Race Tires by LARRY A-Main
(1)119 Eddie Stewart Manchester, KY (2)Hensley (3)Hibbard (4)Lunsford (5)Goode (6)Foley (7)Stanton (8)Parker (9)Bailey (10)Helm (11)Daniels (12)Jones

Mini Cup Cyclone Feature
(1)14 Dylan Ruherford Corbin, KY (2)99 Blake Brown (3)H3 Jason Hinkle, Sr (4)t6 Trevor Thompson (5)3D Brilynn "bub" Ritchie (6)18 Walker Standifer (7)43 Logan Petrey (8)37 Jagger Stevens (9)H3 Jason Hinkle, Jr (10)x71 Felicia Patterson (11)72 Dalton Patterson

The Wheeler Racing Team is currently taking orders for WHEELMAN MEMORIAL T-shirts and stickers. You can message McKenzie Dale Petty or Michelle Petty on Facebook to place your orders. Shirts and Stickers will be available for the June 15th $4,000 to win Late Model Race at Lake Cumberland Speedway. Saturday, June 9th 2018 Lake Cumberland Speedway Weekly Dirt Track Showdown! McGowan Excavating Super Late Models – Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheels – Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stocks – Somerset Machine KDRA Mini Stocks. Gates open 3pm Hotlaps 7pm. If you have armbands from the previous cancellations, those can be used June 9th. For full schedule of events, results, pics and more go to Like our Facebook Page Follow us on Twitter- @lc_speedway, Instagram-LCSpeedway and REMIND. TEXT @lcspeed to 81010 to get up-to-the-minute updates thru text.