Results from April 28th - Regular Show

McGowan Excavating Late Models
Fast Qualifier: 31x Johnny Wheeler
Late Model Heat 1: (1)7-Brian Smith (2)28p-Zane Powell (3)31-Kenny Cobble (4)44-Tim Taylor (5)31x-Johnny Wheeler (6)24h-Phil Helton (7)15-ustin Taylor
Late Model Heat 2: (1)11-Daniel Dial  (2)11w-Jeff Watson (3)17-Steve Stallings (4)19-Charles McDonald (5)21-Rod Carter, Jr (6)2-Michael Luna (7)5-Timmy Taylor
McGowan Excavating Late Model Feature: (1) 11-Daniel Dial(1st ever feature win)! (2)Wheeler (3)Stallings (4)Cobble (5)Smith (6)Tim Taylor (7)Helton (8)McDonald (9)Timmy Taylor (10)Watson (11)Powell (12)Carter, Jr

Roark & Sons Transport Open Wheel Modifieds
Fast qualifier: 68 Jimmy Payne
Open Wheel Heat: (1)99-Blake Brown (2)68-Jimmy Payne (3)122-Mike Pratt (4)33-Aaron Ratliff (5)44-Tommy Gregory (6)26-Joseph Husband (7)10x-Billy Uptergraff (8)2-Nick Claiburn (9)22-John Hibbard (10)69-Sarah Patrick
Roark & Sons Open Wheel Modified Feature: (1)68-Jimmy Payne (2)Gregory (3)Husband (4)Pratt (5)Brown (6)Patrick (7)Ratliff (8)Claiburn (9)Uptergraff (10)Hibbard

Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stocks
Fast Qualifier: 360 Daniel Stamper
KDRA Super Stock Heat: (1)24s-Trae Soper (2)260-Daniel Stamper (3)24-Terry Cheeks (4)8-Robert Stanton (5)33-Wade Daniels (6)14m-Kenny Hensley (7)14-Matt Foley (8)t8-Tommy Helm
Yanders Towing KDRA Super Stock Feature: (1)360-Daniel Stamper (2)Soper (3)Cheeks (4)Foley (5)Hensley (6)Stanton (7)Daniels (8)Helm

Somerset Machine KDRA Mini Stocks
Fast Qualifier: 92 Shane Irvin
KDRA Mini Stock Heat 1: (1)92-Shane Irvin (2)11-Chris Bowlin (3)9k-Kevin Sexton (4)4-Tony Breeden (5)58-Luke Gregory (6)10w-Mark Wesley (7)328-Matt Hargis
KDRA Mini Stock Heat 2:  (1)31-Jesse Parker (2)80-Chris Smith (3)28-David Owens (4)222-Allen Hughett (5)43-Pamela Deary (6)14-GT Embry (7)215-Mike Wallace
Somerset Machine KDRA Mini Stock Feature: (1)92-Shane Irvin (2)Parker (3)Hughett (4)Sexton (5)Gregory (6)Owens (7)Deary (8)Bowln (9)Smith (10)Wesley (11)Wallace (12)Embry (13)Breeden (14)Hargis

Lake Cumberland Speedway sits at 1 Race Track Rd just barely South of Burnside, KY. When at Lake Cumberland Speedway you are just 5-10 minutes away from extraordinary Somerset, KY and will sling clay every Saturday night. For more information on Lake Cumberland Speedway you can contact owner and promotor Brandon Hardgrove at 606-416-1428 or the track phone number 606-341-1228. You can also visit for all the information needs as well as on the Lake Cumberland Speedway Facebook page at