Boggs, Nicely, Collis, Hayes Winners In Season Finale

Burnside, KY (November 12, 2017) The Lake Cumberland Classic/ Finn Watson Memorial was one for the record books Saturday, November 11th! Lake Cumberland Speedway saw a record car count of 116 total cars signed in, as well as a new track record in the Late Model Division. Victor Lee would turn a 12.137 lap in qualifying, shattering the previous record of 12.401 set earlier this season by Tripp Gerrald. 6 cars would be under the previous mark in qualifying. Simply put, the track was the best it has ever been!

We have had several questions about the 4 Cylinder class at Lake Cumberland Speedway for the 2018 racing season. We are excited to announce Lake Cumberland Speedway will run by KDRA Mini-Stock rules in 2018. You can visit the KDRA site for rules and regulations in the Super Stock and Mini Stock classes.

Here are the results from Saturday, November 11th, 2017. Thank You Michael Despain for allowing the use of your write-up for the Late Models and Open Wheel Modifieds, By Michael Despain.

The Schaeffer Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series and Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series would visit Lake Cumberland Speedway on Saturday for the Lake Cumberland Classic/Finn Watson Memorial event and Jackie Boggs of Grayson, KY would become the first repeat winner with the tour in 2017 as he would drive to the $5,000 payday. In Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Series competition, Tyler Nicely of Owensboro, KY would score his first series victory in his first time competing with the tour.

The second victory of the season on the tour for Boggs would come aboard the Central Star Drilling/Quest Energy/McCoy Brothers Logging/Reno and Sons Lawn Care sponsored #4B Swartz Race Car. Nicely would score the Modified victory behind the wheel of the Lucas Oil Center/Diggers Fencing, Siding, and Guttering/D&J Auto Parts sponsored #25 Elite Chassis.
The start of the 40 lap, $5,000 to win Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Late Model Series Lake Cumberland Classic/Finn Watson Memorial would be a rocky one as eight cars would tangle in turn one on the opening lap and bring out a red flag for the track being blocked. Once action got going, Kent Robinson would the initial lead, with Tyler Carpenter, Jackie Boggs, Michael Chilton, and Freddie Carpenter giving chase. Boggs would take second from Tyler Carpenter on lap three as Tyler Carpenter would slow on the frontchute on lap five to draw a caution flag. The restart would result in the second red flag of the event when Steve Smith would get upside in turn three and Jeff Watson would be collected in the incident as well. This restart would see Eddie Carrier, Jr. make his way into the top five, while Robinson would maintain the lead, with Boggs in pursuit. As the leaders started working traffic on lap thirteen, Carrier, Jr. would pass Freddie Carpenter for the fourth spot. Boggs would turn up the heat on Robinson and would make a turn-four slidejob pass of Robinson for the lead on lap fifteen. Boggs would jump the cushion in turn two on lap eighteen and Robinson would work to the bottom of the slower car of Jeff Neubert and contact would occur between Robinson and Neubert, resulting in pair tangling on the backchute. The restart, with Boggs out front, would Brandon Fouts make a move and take the third spot from Carrier, Jr., who also receive damage to his car from the previous incident, on lap nineteen and Skylar Marlar would roll by Carrier, Jr. for fourth one circuit later. Skylar Marlar would drive by Fouts for third on lap twenty-seven and Mike Marlar would take fourth Fouts on the same circuit. The Marlar brothers would settle into a great duel for third, while Boggs continued to hold the lead, with Chilton now running second. Mike Marlar would take third from Skylar Marlar on lap thirty-five as the caution would wave on lap thirty-eight for debris on the frontchute to close the field up one final time. Boggs would maintain the lead and drive to the win, with Chilton settling for second, while eleventh place starter Mike Marlar claimed third. Fourteenth starting Skylar Marlar would finish fourth, while twelveth place starter Caleb Ashby completed the top five. The remainder of the top ten would be Fouts, nineteenth starting Bob Gardner, sixteenth starting Tommy Bailey, Jason Welshan, and Steve Stollings.

Tyler Nicely would lead the first thirteen circuits of the Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series main event, only to lose the lead to Shon Flanary on lap fourteen, but Nicely would retake the race lead on lap fifteen and hold off the charges of Flanary in the closing laps to secure the victory. Flanary would settle for second, with Blake Brown charging to a third-place finish. Peyton Harlow and Jimmy Payne would complete the top five finishers. The remainder of the top ten finishers in the final rundown would be Tommy Bailey, Jimmy Robinson, Jimmy Lennex, Dennis Roberson, and Brandon Ramsey.

The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series next event will be Saturday November 25 at 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN for the 2nd Annual Leftover. The next event for the Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series will also be at 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN on Saturday November 25 as part of the 2nd Annual Leftover, paying $1,200 to win.
Further information about the Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series and Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series can be obtained by calling Promoter/Race Director Chris Tilley at (606) 219-1723 or by visiting the official website

Official Summary of Results
Feature Results for Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY on November 11, 2017
1. Jackie Boggs-Grayson, Ky.
2. Michael Chilton-Salvisa, Ky.
3. Mike Marlar-Winfield, Tenn.
4. Skylar Marlar-Winfield, Tenn.
5. Caleb Ashby-Cunningham, Tenn.
6. Brandon Fouts-Kite, Ky.
7. Bob Gardner-Washington, Ill.
8. Tommy Bailey-Corbin, Ky.
9. Jason Welshan-Maryville, Tenn.
10. Steve Stollings-Hazard, Ky.
11. Brian Smith-Barbourville, Ky.
12. Jeff Neubert-Rockford, Tenn.
13. Dakotah Knuckles-Ewing, Va.
14. Eddie Carrier, Jr.-Salt Rock, W.V.
15. Greg Johnson-Bedford, Ind.
16. Kent Robinson-Bloomington, Ind.
17. Freddie Carpenter-Parkersburg, W.V.
18. Tyler Carpenter-Parkersburg, W.V.
19. Steve Smith-Powell, Tenn.
20. Jeff Watson-Campbellsville, Ky.
21. Levi Ashby-Cumberland Furnace, Tenn.
22. Tripp Gerrald-Lexington, Ky.
23. Cody Mahoney-Hanover, Ind.
Time of Race: 42 minutes, 4 seconds
Margin of Victory: 1.157 seconds
Yellow Flags: 5 (lap 1, 5, 5 restart, 18, 38)
Red Flags: 2 (lap 1, 5 restart)
Lap Leaders: Kent Robinson (1-14), Jackie Boggs (15-40)
Entries: 34
Overall Top Qualifier: Victor Lee (Group A) 12.137 seconds-New Track Record
Provisional Starters: Levi Ashby (series), Steve Smith (series), Brian Smith (track)
Heat One Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Kent Robinson, Dakotah Knuckles, Steve Stollings, Jeff Neubert, Bob Gardner, Kirk Phillips, Jerry Pyles, Victor Lee
Heat Two Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Michael Chilton, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Mike Marlar, Greg Johnson, Jeff Watson, Jake Henry, Bill Sheets, Phil Helton (DNS-Chris Ruble)
Heat Three Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Tyler Carpenter, Freddie Carpenter, Brandon Fouts, Caleb Ashby, Tommy Bailey, Derek Fisher, Steve Smith, Levi Ashby, Brian Phillips
Heat Four Finish (10 laps/top 4 transfer)- Jackie Boggs, Jason Welshan, Tripp Gerrald, Skylar Marlar, Cody Mahoney, Brian Smith, Steve Elliott, Tommy Carlton
B-Main One Finish (10 laps/top 2 transfer)- Jeff Watson, Bob Gardner, Jake Henry, Phil Helton, Kirk Phillips, Jerry Pyles, Bill Sheets (DNS-Victor Lee, Chris Ruble)
B-Main Two Finish (10 laps/top 2 transfer)- Tommy Bailey, Cody Mahoney, Brian Smith, Steve Elliott, Steve Smith, Derek Fisher, Levi Ashby, Brian Phillips, Tommy Carlton

Official Summary of Results
Feature Results for Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series at Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside, KY on November 11, 2017
1. Tyler Nicely-Owensboro, Ky.
2. Shon Flanary-Surgoinsville, Tenn.
3. Blake Brown-Corbin, Ky.
4. Peyton Harlow-Glasgow, Ky.
5. Jimmy Payne-Glasgow, Ky.
6. Tommy Bailey-Corbin, Ky.
7. Jimmy Robinson-Richmond, Ky.
8. Jimmy Lennex-Maysville, Ky.
9. Dennis Roberson-Paris, Ky.
10. Brandon Ramsey-Florence, Ky.
11. Tommy Gregory-Monticello, Ky.
12. Ernie Gingrich-Bunker Hill, Ind.
13. Zach Powers-Taylorsville, Ky.
14. Josh Davis-Winfield, Tenn.
15. Kevin Hall-Wayland, Ky.
16. John Jackson-Cynthiana, Ky.
17. Matt Edminstin-Mount Orab, Ohio
18. Harold Branham-Clay City, Ky.
19. Thomas Branham-Clay City, Ky.
20. Ben Petrey-Corbin, Ky.
21. Brian Sammons-Olive Hill, Ky.
22. Chris Kirk-Clay City, Ky.
Time of Race: 7 minutes, 38 seconds
Margin of Victory: 0.395 seconds
Yellow Flags: 1 (lap 😎
Red Flags: None
Lap Leaders: Tyler Nicely (1-13, 15-20), Shon Flanary (14)
Entries: 33
Overall Top Qualifier: Shon Flanary 13.834
Provisional Starters: Chris Kirk, Josh Davis
Heat One Finish (8 laps/top 5 transfer)- Jimmy Payne, Shon Flanary, Jimmy Lennex, Dennis Roberson, Ben Petrey, John Jackson, Harold Branham, Thomas Branham, Aaron Branham, Matt Watson (DNS-Tim Patrick)
Heat Two Finish (8 laps/top 5 transfer)- Tyler Nicely, Tommy Bailey, Peyton Harlow, Tommy Gregory, Brian Sammons, Chad Crain, Michael Douglas, Chris Kirk, Jamey Neat, Josh Davis (DNS-Ricky Arms)
Heat Three Finish (8 laps/top 5 transfer)- Blake Brown, Jimmy Robinson, Brandon Ramsey, Ernie Gingrich, Kevin Hall, Zach Powers, Matt Edminstin, Shawn Hibbard, Kyle Cochran, P.J. Simpson, Mike Gemmer
B-Main Finish (8 laps/top 5 transfer)- John Jackson, Zach Powers, Matt Edminstin, Thomas Branham, Harold Branham, Josh Davis, Chad Crain, Chris Kirk, Matt Watson, Kyle Cochran (DNS-Michael Douglas, Shawn Hibbard, P.J. Simpson, Mike Gemmer, Aaron Branham, Ricky Arms, Jamey Neat, Tim Patrick)

Heat 1
(1)27 Tyler Collis (2)11 Mathew King (3)22 Doyle Hibbard, Sr (4)0 Kyle Parker (5)13p Sarah Patrick (6)24s Trae Soper DNS-14 Matt Foley
Heat 2
(1)460 Robbie Perkins (2)35 Jason West (3)3x Zach Dennis (4)11 Jimmy Bailey (5)4 Stan Freeman (6)8 Robert Stanton DNS-X Carson Freeman
(1)27 Tyler Collis (2)West (3)Soper(from 15th) (4)Perkins (5)Hibbard, Sr (6)Bailey (7)Parker (8)S Freeman (9)Daniels (10)Stanton (11)Dennis (12)Patrick (13)Foley DNS-King, C Freeman

Heat 1
(1)23 Tyler Hayes (2)92 Shane Irvin (3)215 Mike Wallace (4)L13 Henry Lawson (5)57j Brandon Jenkins (6)01 Chris Daughterty (7)41 Jason Stone (8)11r Luke Gregory (9)29 Wayne Steenburgen
(1)723 Brandon Creech (2)9f Gunner Johnson (3)c54 Brandon Dalton (4)26 Brandon Henson (5)24 Sen Jones (6)328 Mathew Hargis DNS- 33 Allen Hackworth, 00 Danny Winchester, H1 Robert Houchens
(1)a93 Nathan Adams (2)b71 Bill Turner (3)80 Chris Smith (4)4b Anthony Breeden (5)5 Allen Hewitt (6)10w Mark Wesley (7)c1 Tim Coffey (8)28 David Owens DNS- 48 Doodle Ferris
(1)23 Tyler Hayes (2)Irvin (3)Johnson (4)Daugherty (5)Wallace (6)Smith (7)Adams (8)Hanson (9)Jones (10)Turner (11)Jenkins (12)Coffey (13)Stone (14)Gregory (15)Steenburgen (16)Dalton (17)Wesley (18)Hargis (19)Lawson (20)Hewitt (21)Creech (22)Breeden (23)H1 Houchens (24)Winchester (25)Hackworth (26)Ferris (27)Owens

Track Owner/ Promoter, Brandon Hardgrove and staff of Lake Cumberland Speedway want to say THANK YOU to all drivers, crew members and fans for your support in 2017! Without you there would be no Lake Cumberland Speedway! We are already preparing for the 2018 racing season. A full schedule will be released soon.

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