Marlar, Brown, Roberson, Creech, and Elliot Victorious on October 21st

Burnside, KY (October 22, 2017) As we near the end of the 2017 racing season, we want to say THANK YOU to every driver, crew member and fan who has come thru the gates at Lake Cumberland Speedway! THANK YOU! Lake Cumberland Speedway had  80 total cars signed in for the night, with 15 Late Models, 22 Open Wheel Modifieds, 8 KDRA Super Stocks, 30 4 Cylinders and 5 Mini-Cup Cyclones on hand.

Here are the results from Saturday night:

Fast Qualifier: 4 Tripp Gerrald 12.62
Topless Late Model Heat 1
(1)11b Tommy Bailey (2)4 Tripp Gerrald (3)11w Jeff Watson (4)11d Danial Dial (5)99 Jerry Pyles (6)11e Eric Dalton (7)69 Tim Patrick DNS-1 Mitchell Hutchinson
Topless Late Model Heat 2
(1)88 Skylar Marlar (2)31x Johnny Wheeler (3)15r Chris Ruble (4)2j Jerry Denson (5)20 Brian Phillips (6)47 Bubba Gibson (7)23 Josh Hampton
Late Model Feature
(1)88 Skylar Marlar (2) Gerrald (3)Bailey (4)Watson (5)Wheeler (6)Dial (7)Ruble (8)Gibson (9)Denson (10)Dalton (11)Phillips (12)Hampton (13)Pyles (14)Patrick DNS-Hutchinson

Fast Qualifier: 99 Blake Brown 14.31
Open Wheel Heat 1
(1)99 Blake Brown (2)1s Keith Smith (3)155 Peyton Harlow (4)56 Joe Turner (5)2 Carson Freeman (6)43 Michael Douglas (7)x3 Jamie Neat
Open Wheel Heat 2
(1)11s Cody Smith (2)4 Ricky Arms (3)58 Nic Claborn (4)44 Tommy Gregory (5)43 Ben Petrey (6)7 Marshall (7)b19 Billy Hagan
Open Wheel Heat 3
(1)18 David Adams (2)33z Zac Powers (3)c4 Adam Cole (4)96 Josh Thomas (5)21 Dusty Branscum (6)28 John Jackson
Open Wheel Modified Feature
(1)99 Blake Brown (2)Arms (3)Harlow (4)11s Smith (5)1s Smith (6)Powers (7)Petrey (8)Turner (9)Freeman (10)Gregory (11)Neat (12)Hagan (13)Douglas (14)Marshall (15)Claborn (16)Adams (17)Thomas (18)Cole DNS-Branscum, Jackson

Fast Qualifier: 27 Dennis Roberson 14.53
KDRA Super Stock Heat
(1)27 Dennis Roberson (2)24 Terry Cheeks (3)35 Jason West (4)7b Bryson Patton (5)4 Stan Freeman (6)13p Sarah Patrick (7)11 Russ Perry DNS-17m Timmy McMullins
KDRA Super Stock Feature
(1)27 Dennis Roberson (2) 35 Jason West (3)24 Terry Cheeks (4) 11 Russ Perry (5)4 Stan Freeman (6)13p Sarah Patrick (7)7b Bryson Patton DNS-17m Timmy McMullins

Fast Qualifier: 1* Shane Irvin 16.88
4 Cylinder Heat 1
(1)1* Shane Irvin (2)81 David Lucas (3)80 Chris Smith (4)18LChris Lowe (5)5w Stacy Decker (6)17r Dwayne Smith (7)L13 Henry Lawson (8)18 Jamie Neat (9)33 Allen Hackworth DNS-Mathew Hargis
4 Cylinder Heat 2
(1)9f Gunner Johnson (2)723 Brandon Creech (3)00 Danny Winchester (4)07 Dave Blassingim (5)4b Donald Brown (6)17b Jesse Parker (7)27 Lawson (8)11r Luke Gregory DNS-2T Dustin Lawson, 01 Neal Morrison
4 Cylinder Heat 3
(1)23 Tyler Hayes (2)215 Mike Wallace (3)92 Mike Reynolds (4)4b Steven Breeden (5)b71 Turner (6)T2Thomas Centers (7)11x Tim Brummett (8)c1 Tim Coffey (9)8 Josh Wesley DNS-5s Jake Stamper
4 Cylinder Feature
(1)723 Barndon Creech (2)Wallace (3)Hayes (4)Winchester (5)Lowe (6)Chris Smith (7)Breeden (8)Irvin (9)Reynolds (10)Turner (11)Johnson (12)Jesse Parker (13)Brown (14)Lucas (15)Blassingim (16)Coffey (17)Gregory DNS-Decker, Smith, Centers

Mini-Cup Cyclone Heat
(1)97 Jeremy Elliot (2)14 Dylan Rutherford (3)99 Blake Brown (4)43 Logan Petrey (5)Walker Standifer
Mini-Cup Cyclone Feature:
(1)97 Jeremy Elliot (2)14 Dylan Rutherford (3)99 Blake Brown (4)43 Logan Petrey (5)Walker Standifer

Lake Cumberland Speedway will be back in action Saturday, November 11th for the LAKE CUMBERLAND CLASSIC/ FINN WATSON MEMORIAL. The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Model Series will race for $5,000 to win at the November 11 spectacular, while the Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series will race for $1,000 to win at the event. Also in competition at the Lake Cumberland Classic/Finn Watson Memorial event will be the track’s KDRA Super Stocks racing for $700 to win and Stock Four Cylinders racing for $700 to win. The event will mark the return of the Lake Cumberland Classic at Lake Cumberland Speedway, which was last held in 2012.

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