Bailey, Brown, West, Wallace and Rutherford Take Home Wins on October 7th
Burnside, KY (October 7, 2017) Brandon Hardgrove and the entire staff of Lake Cumberland Speedway want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our fantastic fans and drivers! With your support, 2017 has been one of the most attended seasons in the track’s history! Saturday Night was FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT at Lake Cumberland Speedway. Not only did we have exciting racing action in every class, fans were able to come down on the front stretch at intermission and get pictures, autographs and meet their favorite drivers. It was a special night for everyone involved. THANK YOU fans and drivers! Here are the racing results from Fan Appreciation Night.

Fast Qualifier- 11 Tommy Bailey
Late Model Heat 1- (1)11 Tommy Bailey (2)7 Jimmy Smith (3)99 Jerry Pyles (4)31 Kenny Cobble (5)117 Billy Roberts (6)69 Sarah Patrick
Late Model Heat 2- (1)31x Johnny Wheeler (2)11 Jeff Watson (3)6 Terry Tomlison (4)47 Jerry “Bubba” Gibson 5(15) Jeremy Strunk
Late Model Feature
(1)11 Tommy Bailey (2)Watson (3)Brian Smith (4)Wheeler (5)Strunk (6)Cobble (7)Gibson (8)Roberts (9)Pyles (10)Patrick (11)Tomlison

Fast Qualifier- 99 Blake Brown
Open Wheel Heat-(1)43 Ben Petrey (2)99 Blake Brown (3)69 Tim Patrick (4)56 Joe Turner (5)x3 Jamey Neat (6)44 Kyle Chochran (7)44t Tommy Gregory
Open Wheel Feature- (1)99 Blake Brown (2)Turner (3)Gregory (4)Chochran (5)Petrey (6)Neat (7)Patrick

Fast Qualifier- 35 Jason West
KDRA Heat- (1)35 Jason West(1st ever win at LCS) (2)001 Jerald Owens (3)m17 Timmy McMullins (4)10 Mike Oler (5)762 Austin Neighbors (6)33 Daniels
KDRA Feature- (1)35 Jason West (2)Owens (3)McMullins (4)Neighbors (5)Oler DNS-Daniels

Fast Qualifier- 215 Mike Wallace
4 Cylinder Heat 1- (1)215 Mike Wallace (2)23 Tyler Hayes (3)00 Danny Winchester (4)17r Dwayne Smith (5)14 Jared Ball (6)10 Chris Noe (7)81 David Lucas (8)5 Trey Terry (9)1 Logan Parriman DNS-4b Tony Breedon
4 Cylinder Heat 2- (1)723 Brandon Creech (2)9f Gunner Johnson (3)1b Charles Burton (4)17b Jesse Parker (5)92 Shane Irvin (6)28 Owens (7)48 Doodle Farris (8)18 Jamey Neat DNS-L13 Lawson
4 Cylinder Feature- (1)215 Mike Wallace(1st 4 cylinder feature win) (2)Creech (3)Johnson (4)D Smith (5)Parker (6)Ball (7)Noe (8)Lucas (9)Neat (10)Charles Burton (11)Terry (12)Irvin (13)Farris (14)Hayes (15)Winchester (16)Parriman DNS-Breedon, Lawson, Owens

Mini Cup Cyclones Heat- (1)14 Dylan Rutherford (2)97 Jeremy Elliote (3)99 Blake Brown (4)18 (5)43 Logan Petrey (6)1 Cliff Partin (7)9 Angela Meadors
Mini Cup Cyclones Feature- (1)14 Dylan Rutherford (2)97 Jeremy Elliote (3)99 Blake Brown (4)18 (5)43 Logan Petrey (6)9 Angela Meadors (7)1 Cliff Partin

Lake Cumberland Speedway will be closed Saturday, October 14th to support Ponderosa Speedway’s Fall Classic. We will be back in action Saturday, October 21st with Late Models, Open Wheels, KDRA Super Stocks and 4 Cylinders. Lake Cumberland Speedway is honored to announce, along with CT Promotions, the Lake Cumberland Classic will be the Finn Watson Memorial! An official announcement will be released early next week about the payout for each class.

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