Race Results from Saturday, August 5th; Wheeler, Payne, Stewart, Irvin and Rutherford Takes Home Checkers
Burnside, KY (August 5, 2017) Not even a full moon could slow down the Back to School racing action at Lake Cumberland Speedway Saturday night. LCS had prizes and school supply giveaways for the kids, as well as foot races at intermission. The intermission bicycles, power wheels or foot races for the kids has become a fan favorite this season! The fans were also witness to some of the best racing action we have had all season long.

Fast Qualifier: 31x Johnny Wheeler (12.783)
Late Model Heat #1
(1)31x Johnny Wheeler (2)3 Steve Elliot (3)21 Rod Carter, Jr (4)11 Daniel Dial (5)15r CJ Ruble (6)1c Dustin Bradshaw
Late Model Heat #2
(1)88 Skylar Marlar (2)11 Tommy Bailey (3)17 Steve Stollings (4)7j Justin Smith (5)04 Lester Decker DNS-15j Mike Strunk
Late Model Heat #3
(1)35 Todd Coffman (2)7s Brian Smith (3)11 Daniel Dial (4)28c Jeff Cotterman (5)117 Jimmy Smith
Late Model Feature
(1)31x Johnny Wheeler (2)Marlar (3)Coffman (4)B mith (5)Stollings (6)Watson (7)Carter,Jr (8)Justin Smith (9)Dial (10)Cotterman (11)Ruble (12)Bradshaw (13)Elliot (14)Bailey (15)Decker (16)Jimmy Smith DNS-Strunk

Fast Qualifier: 68 Jimmy Payne (14.302)
Open Wheel Modified Heat #1
(1)68 Jimmy Payne (2)82 Wade Rooker (3)29c Joey Cotterman (4)43 Ben Petrey (5)301 Lee Branscum (6)10x Billy Uptegraff (7)69 Tim Patrick
Open Wheel Modified Heat #2
(1)99 Blake Brown (2)13w David Webb (3)56 Tommy Turner (4)17c Tommy Carlton (5)71 Chris Kirk (6)23 John Smith
Open Wheel Modified Feature
(1)68 Jimmy Payne (2)Brown (3)Rooker (4)Webb (5)Petrey (6)Carlton (7)Cotterman (8)Smith (9)Branscum (10)Turner (11)Patrick (12)Kirk DNS-Uptegraff

Fast Qualifier: 119 Eddie Stewart
KDRA Super Stock Heat #1
(1)119 Eddie Stewart (2)24s Trae Soper (3)20 Hounshell (4)24 Cheeks (5)13p Sara Patrick (6)35 Jason West
KDRA Super Stock Heat #2
(1)89 Logan Preston (2)21 Jon Hall (3)13d Casey King (4)69 Clarence Belcher (5)R13 Johnny King
KDRA Super Stock Feature
(1)119 Eddie Stewart (2)Preston (3)Soper (4)Hounshell (5)Belcher (6)J King (7)Hall (8)C King (9)Patrick (10)Cheeks (11)West

Fast Qualifier: 92 Shane Irvin
4 Cylinder Heat #1
(1)92 Shane Irvin (2)23 Tyler Hayes (3)1c Chris Burton (4)10 Chris Noe (5)1b Charles Burton (6)4b Tony Breeden (7)17 Thomas Scenters
4 Cylinder Heat #2
(1)215 Mike Wallace (2)21 Stacy Decker (3)80 Chris Smith (4)18 Jamey Neat (5)328 Hargis (6)Josh Mullins
4 Cylinder Feature
(1)92 Shane Irvin (2)Decker (3)Hayes (4)Wallace (5)Scenters (6)Breeden (7)Noe (8)Chris Burton (9)Smith (10)Neat (11)Charles Burton (12)Mullins (13)Hargis

Mini Cup Cyclone Heat
(1)14 Rutherford (2)71x Patterson (3)99 Brown (4)18 Standifer (5)43 Petrey
Mini Cup Cyclone Feature
(1)14 Rutherford (2)Brown (3)Standifer (4)Petrey (5)Patterson

Lake Cumberland Speedway has Saturday Night Racing Series action Saturday, August 12th. Late Models, Open Wheel Modifieds, KDRA Super Stocks and 4 Cylinders. PLUS Bicycle and Power Wheels Races for the kids at intermission. Gates open 4pm with racing action at 7pm. Grandstand admission $15 12-Under FREE, Pit admission $30.

For a full schedule of events visit lcspeedway.net. Like us on Facebook/ Lake Cumberland Speedway, Follow us on Twitter/ @lc_speedway and on Instagram/ LCSpeedway.