Race Results from Friday, July 21st; Chilton, Brown, Stewart, Irvin and Rutherford Victorious
Burnside, KY (July 22, 2017) With Lake Cumberland Speedway being closed July 22nd for the Butterball Memorial, it was a special Friday Night of action-packed racing, with another capacity crowd on hand.

Here are the results from Friday Night’s racing action:
Late Models (16)
Fast Qualifier – 11 Tommy Bailey
Heat #1 – (1)Tommy Bailey (2)Brian Smith (3)Johnny Wheeler (4)Steve Stollings (5)Mathew Smith (6)Mike Strunk (7)Dennis Barton - (DNS)Greg Johnson
Heat #2 – (1)Michael Chilton (2)Victor Lee (3)Skylar Marlar (4)Steven Breeding (5)Bob Mayea (6)Jimmy Smith (7)Kevin Smith – (DNS)Rod Carter, Jr
Late Model Feature - (1)Michael Chilton (2)Tommy Bailey (3)Steven Breeding (4)Skylar Marlar (5)Steve Stollings (6)Brian Smith (7)Bob Mayea (8)Johnny Wheeler (9)Dennis Barton (10)Kevin Smith (11)Jimmy Smith (12)Mathew Smith (13)Mike Strunk (14)Victor Lee (DNS)Greg Johnson Rod Carter, Jr

Open Wheel Modifieds (9)
Fast Qualifier – 155 Peyton Harlow
Heat #1 – (1)Peyton Harlow (2)Cameron Marlar (3)Ben Petrey (4)John Smith (5)Brent Denney
Heat #2 – (1)Blake Brown (2)Wade Rooker (3)Steve Smith (4)Tim Patrick
Open Wheel Modified Feature – (1)Blake Brown (2)Peyton Harlow (3)Wade Rooker (4)Cameron Marlar (5)Ben Petrey (6)John Smith (7)Tim Patrick (8)Steve Smith (9)Brent Denney

KDRA Super Stocks (6)
Fast Qualifier – 119 Eddie Stewart
Heat – (Eddie Stewart (2)Bartley Grant (3)Mike Lunsford (4)Glenn Hounshell (5)Jason West (6)Kyle Parker
KDRA Super Stock Feature – (1) Eddie Stewart (2)Glenn Hounshell (3)Bartley Grant (4)Jason West (5)Kyle Parker (6)Mike Lunsford

4-Cylinders (12)
Fast Qualifier – 7X Dylan Stevens
Heat #1 – (1)Dylan Stevens (2)Jason Sizemore (3)Tony Breeden (4)Matthew Hargis (DNS)Chris Burton, Mike Wallace
Heat #2 – (1)Jeremy Bretz (2)Justin Dalton (3)Shane Irvin (4)Chris Smith (5)David Owens (DNS)Charles Burton

4-Cylinder Feature – (1)Shane Irvin (2)Jeremy Bretz (3)Jason Sizemore (4)David Owens (5)Justin Dalton (6)Chris Smith (7)Matthew Hargis (8)Tony Breeden (9)Dylan Stevens (10)Charlie Burton (DNS)Chris Burton, Mike Wallace

Mini Cup Cyclones(5)
Heat - (1)Rutherford (2)Blake Brown (3)Patterson (4)Standifer (5)Petrey
Mini Cup Cyclone Feature - (1)Rutherford (2)Blake Brown (3)Patterson (4)Standifer (5)Petrey

We will be back in action SATURDAY July 29th with our Weekly Racing Series: Late Models, Open Wheels, KDRA Super Stocks & 4-Cylinders. PLUS, Bicycle and Power Wheels Races for the kids at intermission. AND a SPECIAL BONUS - OVER 35 FOOT RACE! Anyone over the age of 35 is challenged to enter a foot race during intermission.

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