Breeding, Brown, Perkins and Brietz All Winners at Lake Cumberland Speedway on Saturday May 13
Burnside, KY (May 14, 2017) As the action packed venue was set for Lake Cumberland Speedway. A great showing of cars was on hand for the weekly racing series. On hand was 19 Late models, 27 Modifieds, 17 KDRA Super Stocks and 20 4-Cylinders. With qualifying under way we would see the #5 Swartz race car driven by Stephen Breeding take the fast time with a 14.471. Modified fast time was set by the 13w of David Webb with a 15.647. The KDRA Super Stocks fast time was set by the 460 machine driven by Robbie Perkins with a 16.118. While the 4-Cylinders would see a pill drawl.

Trophy dash winners as follows. Late Models would be the #81 Swartz race car driven by Brandon Fouts. Dash winner for the modifieds would be the 13w driven by David Webb and the KDRA Super Stock Dash winner would be the 460 machine driven by Robby Perkins. All cars in each of there trophy dashes transfer to the feature main event in there classes.

-Late model heat one  winner  would be the #17 driven by Steve Stollings. Heat Two winner would be the 7s driven by Brian Smith.
-Modifieds heat one winner, 24h of Michael Howard. Heat two winner was the 142 of Virgil Parriman, and heat 3 winner would be the 43 machine driven by Ben Petrey.  
-KDRA heat 1 winner was the 43 of Bartley Grant. Heat two winner was the 20 car driven by Gleen Hounshell.
-4-Cylinder heat winners would be heat1 #92 Shane Irvin. Heat 2  #007-Jermey Breitz. Heat 3 winner #18-Chris Lowe.

With 27 modifieds on hand a B-Main was held with the top 3 transferring to the feature. Top 3 in finishing order would be the 56 of Joe Turner, the 42 of Robbie Comer and the final transfer spot was won by the 21 of Dustin Duncan.

Late Model Feature Finish top 10. Taking home the #1,300 pay day would be the #5 Swartz Race Car driven by Stephen Breeding. 2nd  #81-Brandon Fouts, 3rd #7-Matthew Smith, 4th #98-Eric Centers, 5th #17-Steve Stollings, 6th #7s-Brian Smith, 7th #11-Tommy Baily, 8th #76-Jeff Watson, 9th #28-Gary Yeager and 10th would be the #35-Dennis Barton.

Modified feature finish top ten finish.  1st #99-Blake Brown, 2nd #155-Payton Harlow, 3rd #13w-David Webb,  4th #122-Michael Pratt, 5th  #1m-Cameron Marlar, 6th #38t-Thomas Branham, 7th #24h-Michael Howard, 8th #43-Ben Petrey, 9th #92-Matthew Hopper and rounding out the top ten would be the # z28-Logan Burke.

KDRA Super Stock Feature top 10 Finish.  1ST #460-Robby Perkins, 2nd #119-Eddie Stewart, 3rd #24s-Trae Soper, 4th #43-Bartley Grant, 5th #20-Glenn Hounshell, 6th 13h-Buzz Williams, 7th #35-Jason West, 8th #360-James Crowe, 9th #13H-Thomas Hoch and rounding out the top ten would be the # #67 Lonnie Grubb.

4-cylinder feature finish top 10. 1st #007-Jermey Brietz, 2nd #92-Shawn Irvine, 3rd #18-Chris Lowe, 4th #1-Oscar McCowan, 5th #44 Thomas Scenters, 6th #2c-Andrew Parson, 7th #c17-Jermey Cantrell, 8th #33-Allen Hackworth 9th #80-Chris smith 10th #11-Tim Brummett.

Lake Cumberland Speedway would like to take this time to thank each and person that came out to show support for this race. Without you all it wouldn’t be possible. We would also like to take this time to remind you that we will be off May 20 for respect of the Mike Rowland Memorial race, but we will be in action for a special event being held Friday May 19 with our $2000 to win super Late Models , $1000 to win Modifieds, $700 to win KDRA super stocks and a $500 to win in the 4-Cylinders, also $200 to be given to the winner of the Late model Trophy Dash. You don’t want to miss it.  For more information concerning the Friday May 19th special event you can visit us at or give Race Track Director Allen Tilley a call @ (606)425-1313.  Thank you and we hope to see you at the track.